Troublesome iPod

5 minute read Published: 2020-08-16

In an effort to get away from the shitstorm that is 2020 (COVID-19, major upsets in my personal life, etc), I decided to visit my mom, back in my hometown.

(Re)New Beginnings...

4 minute read Published: 2020-07-12


It's been quite a long time since I last picked up the pen... as it were.

This blog has sat in the metaphorical trunk, strapped with a belt, wrapped in a blanket, tucked under the creaky stairs of your old aunt/grandma/weird neighbor's house for a very very long time.

About the only good thing in iOS 6

1 minute read Published: 2012-10-07

iOS 6 has been all over the news recently with botched promises and new features (culminating in the new Maps application and the removal of a native YouTube app).

Quick Solutions to iOS 6 Issues

2 minute read Published: 2012-09-21

With the release of iOS 6, a number of my friends and colleagues are jumping on the update bandwagon. I went ahead and did the same thing, but I heard some horror stories about people losing access to their email (those who had Gmail anyways) and the Youtube app disappearing (a "feature" touted in the iOS 6 release party).


1 minute read Published: 2012-09-19

I started this blog because I knew that I already had the resources available (considering that my other site is fully up and running, adubvideo.net) and sometimes I need a place to put my random thoughts and a few of the things that I learn while adventuring through the precarious world of technology.