Quick Solutions to iOS 6 Issues

With the release of iOS 6, a number of my friends and colleagues are jumping on the update bandwagon. I went ahead and did the same thing, but I heard some horror stories about people losing access to their email (those who had Gmail anyways) and the Youtube app disappearing (a "feature" touted in the iOS 6 release party).

Luckily, there is a quick solution, and one that should have been used by anybody who has a Gmail account and was/is using the native Mail app for iPhone. The solution? Get the Gmail app. It has much better integration with the full feature set of Gmail. You can pick it up on the App Store.

Now, with the removal of the native Youtube app, a lot of people may be angry, scared, or what have you. I beg to differ, as this is actually a good thing. Now Youtube has the ability to update and fix its own app instead of being at the mercy of Apple every time it wants to release a new feature. Again, you can find the Youtube app on the App Store.

Two quick solutions to Apple's crippling of Google related features in iOS 6.