W3 Total Cache and DONOTMINIFY

2 minute read Published: 2013-02-07

I use W3 Total Cache for all my of my website caching needs and usually it works great. There have been a few problems with the latest release, but that is for another post.

One issue that I just experienced recently with one of my sites is that even though minification (or minifying) was turned on, none of my CSS or Javascript files were actually being minified. When I would "View Source", all of my files where in their original, un-minified form.

If I scrolled down to the bottom of the source, where W3 Total Cache inserts its cache statistics, I saw something like this:

Minified using disk: basic (DONOTMINIFY constant is defined)
Page Caching using disk: enhanced (Cookie is rejected)
Database Caching using apc (Cookie is rejected)
Object Caching 1293/1305 objects using apc

The DONOTMINIFY statement jumped out at me. After doing some quick research, I discovered this forum topic, which detailed that the problem is actually in my Wordpress SEO plugin, made by Yoast. More specifically, the "

So, in summary, if you see the DONOTMINIFY notification in your source code, and you have the Wordpress SEO plugin from Yoast, make sure that the anonymous tracking option is turned off.